So, here we are in 2012, hard to believe?! 2011 came and went faster than ever.

As usual, I make promises to myself at the beginning of the year and like everyone else don’t keep them, forget about them or just talk about them and DO nothing.

One of the things I promised myself for 2012 was that I would make a conscious effort to put myself out there and be available for ANY singing opportunities that presented themselves and work on creating those opportunities as well. That is the reason I created this blog-site. So here I am – exposed – and out there!

If you are any kind of artist-musician, you understand that as a creative person you are subject to so much criticism and competition that sometimes you just shut down from the fear. I think that’s what I did over the last few years…shut down. I started thinking about all the other singers out there better than I am, skinnier than I am, younger than I am and then figured – who wants to see ME? Who wants to hear ME? What do I have to say? offer?

The fact is…there is ALWAYS someone better than you…but in turn…there are probably lots of people out there DOING what you want to be doing that are not as good as you are…they just believed in themselves and decided they didn’t care what everyone else thought, said, what have you and just went for it. I’m at that place in my life.

I saw this little sign on and it really clicked:

So, here’s my first step 2012!

What are some of your goals-resolutions-promises to yourself this year?!!