First off – THANKS for the views – I hit 400 views as of 1/22/12, whooo hoo – only 2 weeks up and running! In the last week I’ve added a few audio clips and 2 videos just to get the ball rolling….so if you haven’t clicked on the audio or video tab…there’s stuff there now to see and hear!

Last weekend I was in Nashville to record background vocals for Zetti Carnell’s EP project to be released this spring. It’s sounding amazing and the closest I can compare it to is Bruno Mars meets Sara Bareilles meets Adele.  I snuck in a little video camera in the vocal booth to give you guys a behind the scenes look at what I do when tracking BGV’s or (back ground vocals).  Zetti laid the lead vocal and then I come behind her with harmonies, one part at a time. I sing the same thing over and over again to thicken it up by what we call “stacking”.   So you’ll hear me singing just little snippets of parts and hear her in my headphones in the background. It doesn’t make much sense now…..but in a few months when you hear the finished project you’ll understand how those BGV’s got there!