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Last nights show made me proud of 2 plus size beauties! These battle rounds can be really unfair matches and strange song choices but I was so excited to see these 2 beautiful and talented women get a spotlight on national tv proving that there is an audience and place for singers that aren’t 19 and size 4 prancing around in booty shorts and stripper heals.

Adele has truly helped pave the way for some acceptance…but I seriously doubt she would’ve broken through if from the US.  Europe is so much more open than Americans to diverse music and appearance. They don’t choose their music based on what is force fed to them by top 40 radio stations like ours that play the same handful of artists over and over and OVER. I have dealt with discrimination first hand on being a plus size woman. I have been told to my face, we LOVE your voice…but “you don’t have the whole package”. Meaning…you don’t look like a model and you’re too old.

I’m excited the US  is getting to see some big girls with big voices, and they ARE BEAUTIFUL to look at!!

Take a look at this porcelain faced, red wild- maned, blue-eyed beauty, Erin Willett.

And here’s the other plus sized beauty, Katrina Parker. She has this cute retro style and vocally she definitely is reminiscent of Adele but has her own personal flourishes.


Thank you to The Voice for exposing the US to talent that isn’t packaged up as only being under 25 and size 6! I hope these girls gain a huge following


Bye Bye X Factor, Bye Bye The Voice auditions……

Well, as most of you know I had a little health scare with a large cyst/mass and have been recovering slowly from surgery 3 weeks ago. Me being the stubborn person that I am always tries to do more than I should…I don’t like to moan about pain and always try to keep right on trucking along.

So…I was really hoping I’d be up for The Voice auditions in Atlanta this weekend….but this being my first full week back to work,  going to Atlanta was out of the question, I opted to shoot for The X Factor season 2  audition next week in Austin. Well, I got a reality check when I sang 2 songs last friday night at Button’s with the K2K band. No stamina, huffing and puffing. The audience really loved me and several people asked if I was going to sing anymore songs that night…which really made me feel great…but sadly I was done. 2 had did me in physically. I had a long talk with myself this weekend and decided I am not in shape for auditions right now. Very hard to admit that. I wouldn’t be giving my best audition and don’t know if I could even make it TO audition after standing in line for hours and hours ….and HOURS. Does standing in line for hours count as “strenuous activity”? Because there is “no strenuous activity for 6 weeks after surgery” per my doctor. Crap, I think that would be strenuous.

2 huge opportunities for 2012 passing me by.

So I am forging ahead. Maybe it was meant to be, right?! Timing is everything.

Goal: Get stronger, healthier. Gain stamina.

Goal: Improve vocal range. *side note* Oddly…..through this surgery I discovered a vocal hinderance I had no idea about. Once they got the camera in my abdomen, they discovered an entire blanket of scar tissue that had pushed organs to places they shouldn’t be… pushing on my lungs and diaphragm. So now that the majority of the scar tissue has been removed, I am able to breathe a lot deeper and that should help vocally!

Next goal:  learn an enormous amount of cover songs (like 3 hours worth). I have a couple of bands that want me to gig with them but my reperoitore is very limited from being “out of the game” for 2 years. Now it’s like I’m cramming for a final exam trying to learn new songs, songs from 2 years ago, figuring out the arrangements, keys, etc.

Yet another goal: Record more videos of me singing to amp up this blog and my YouTube channel! This one should be FUN! I plan on some videos with Zetti, doing one with my Mom, one  with my hubby, and some other musician and singer friends I have….collabs are always fun 🙂

One more music goal and I’ll stop for now…..write some new material! This past weekend my producer friend, G-Jack, let me hear some of his amazing tracks and wanted me to do some recording. Well, one thing led to another and the song about “Young Girls” he had written to this track….well, let’s just say I shouldn’t be singing about young girls. So…that prompted me to get out my book o’ lyrics. It’s been probably 5 years or more since I’ve penned a song. I’ve been dead in the water. Uninspired, depressed, not interested. This was really exciting…..we started working on melodies, got a fully written bridge and even laid some scratch vocals and almost have the 2 verses and chorus written! I’ll be excited to share this with you soon!

So raise your imaginary glass with me to Spring and Summer and all the wonderful things STILL ahead for this year! It’s not too late to get some big things done…..Dez.

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