Things are poppin’!!!!  At the top of the year I set out to get more active with my music instead of sitting around complaining. The power of intention is NO JOKE!

I’ve flipped through the tv channels and landed several times on PBS to see that bald guy Wayne Dyer talk about the “power of intention”. I’ve always been, by nature, a skeptic and “poo poo” a lot of hyped up super spiritual – new age-mumbo jumbo cliche catch phrases like “visualize it into being” or “bloom where you’re planted”, “just reach out and grab it”!  So it’s funny to me that I am just now opening up to “get it”. Intention means nothing unless you ACT on it. I can intend on doing laundry all day long and it will just sit there.

So I acted on my intention by creating this blog and continuously working towards small goals. Baby steps. They may seem like no big deal to most people, but I’m excited. I had a gig last Saturday night, Tuesday night, this friday night, next friday night….the following Saturday….it’s crazy! It’s coming out of nowhere! I haven’t called anyone! Duh, the power of intention. Recognize!

So please come check me out at a show this month! And I promise to post videos soon!!

04/14/2012 – Harwood 609 – Dallas, TX  with The Inspiration Band 1-6pm

04/28/2012 – Indigo Jazz with The Inspiration Band 8:30-12:30pm