I ran across this article yesterday http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/dc9/2012/06/the_worst_local_band_names.php  and had to laugh because I remember trying to name our band a few years back. All 7 of us made a list and tossed around names like “Tin Roof Rusted” and “S.E.N.S.A.” – which one member said stood for “spiritual, empirical, neo-soul, attitude”…um, okay….yeah…I voted NO on that one. Then we had “Sista Soul Brotha”….chees-o-rama….”Soulitude”…which ended up downgraded to a song title. We googled every name we came up with to see if there was another band with any of the names and EVERY one of them was taken. So then we decided to name our band “Taken”…yep, that was taken too. Go figure….so then the bass player says…well, we’re always “out round back” working on our music…and it’s kind of like the band name “3 Doors Down” so we’ll be “Out Roun’ Back”! So that’s what we ended up with….you have to admit it’s better than SENSA…..which is now the name of a weight loss aid you sprinkle on your food! Glad we didn’t go with that….we’d be competing with this: