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Zetti’s debut EP is finally out!

I’m SOOO proud of my lil’ sis! Her first EP is now out for the world to hear and I have to admit I’m pretty proud of the work I put in it as well. She has titled it “Easy Does It” and explains why on her website (check it out). She has books and books of original songs but due to recording costs, was only able to afford recording 4 so her goal is to sell enough of this first release to fund getting back in the studio for a full album next year – so please go download it through ITunes, Amaon or CDbaby via any of the links here:


Back in January, one of my first blog posts was my trip with Zetti to Nashville to record this album at IndieCove Studios. I made a sneak peak video of tracking the background vocals for “My Favorite”, which is the first track on the EP. Check out the video below, and then listen to the finished production of the song afterwards to see how it comes together in the end. As a bonus treat, there’s a video at the end of us listening to the unmixed playback before calling the song “a wrap” – it was late…and sometimes when it gets late, I gets stupid….lol. I decided to give her a music video….of sorts.

And here’s the final mixed, mastered recording of “My Favorite”!!!


New site launched!

So I am graduating from the WordPress blog to a .com site…..not sure how long this site will still be up and running…but I am officially moved to:

Unfortunately, I can’t transfer my subscriber list and followers so please PLEASE go and subscribe to the new site and drop me a comment and let me know what you think about the look of it. I am still tweaking and making small changes to it but wanted to go ahead and get it up and running.

Have a great weekend everyone!

 – Dez

This is how we doooo it……

It’s Saturday. My brother from another mother (he has the EXACT birthday as my sister) came in town to get a track written with me and discuss some music biz. So excited. It’s been years since we’ve put pen to paper and I had plenty on my mind to write about. He had a track about a 4th finished and we got to work…….man…this track is FUN-KY. Can’t wait for to share it – sadly, it can only be heard through our headphones since we were in writing mode…..we ALWAYS end up arguing….lol. Guess that’s the fun of collaborating, ha.

Here’s another sneak peak of a song almost finished…listen in the background. This is our song “Bad Love” which will be on our Out Roun’ Back album that we are working hard to finish by the end of this year. Hope you like the little snippet….apparently I like to lipsync to myself, ha! Dork.


In other news…..up and coming this week. Singing with The Inspiration Band on the 28th at a private function and got MUUUUCH rehearsing to do for “The Voice” audition next Sunday. Think I’ve narrowed my songs down to Summertime (jazz standard) and/or We Found Love by Rhianna. I’m working on a new website and hopefully later this week I’ll switch to!! Will keep you posted. And one more thing……new videos posted on my video page and my youtube channel! If you subscribe on youtube PLEASE go to my channel and subscribe…I would be forever grateful….you can suggest repayment via comments 🙂 Post your youtube channel and I will subscribe to yours…how ’bout dat. Here’s my channel link:


The Power of Intention is fo’ realz…

Things are poppin’!!!!  At the top of the year I set out to get more active with my music instead of sitting around complaining. The power of intention is NO JOKE!

I’ve flipped through the tv channels and landed several times on PBS to see that bald guy Wayne Dyer talk about the “power of intention”. I’ve always been, by nature, a skeptic and “poo poo” a lot of hyped up super spiritual – new age-mumbo jumbo cliche catch phrases like “visualize it into being” or “bloom where you’re planted”, “just reach out and grab it”!  So it’s funny to me that I am just now opening up to “get it”. Intention means nothing unless you ACT on it. I can intend on doing laundry all day long and it will just sit there.

So I acted on my intention by creating this blog and continuously working towards small goals. Baby steps. They may seem like no big deal to most people, but I’m excited. I had a gig last Saturday night, Tuesday night, this friday night, next friday night….the following Saturday….it’s crazy! It’s coming out of nowhere! I haven’t called anyone! Duh, the power of intention. Recognize!

So please come check me out at a show this month! And I promise to post videos soon!!

04/14/2012 – Harwood 609 – Dallas, TX  with The Inspiration Band 1-6pm

04/28/2012 – Indigo Jazz with The Inspiration Band 8:30-12:30pm

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