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This Is How We Do It…..songwriting ORB style

It’s Saturday. My brother from another mother (he has the EXACT birthday as my sister) came in town to get a track written with me and discuss some music biz. So excited. It’s been years since we’ve put pen to paper and I had plenty on my mind to write about. He had a track about a 4th finished and we got to work…….man…this track is FUN-KY. Can’t wait for to share it – sadly, it can only be heard through our headphones since we were in writing mode…..we ALWAYS end up arguing….lol. Guess that’s the fun of collaborating, ha


Here’s another sneak peak of a song almost finished…listen in the background. This is our song “Bad Love” which will be on our Out Roun’ Back album that we are working hard to finish by the end of this year. Hope you like the little snippet….apparently I like to lipsync to myself, ha! Dork.

In other news…..up and coming this week. Singing with The Inspiration Band on the 28th at a private function and got MUUUUCH rehearsing to do for “The Voice” audition next Sunday. Think I’ve narrowed my songs down to Summertime (jazz standard) and/or We Found Love by Rhianna. I’m working on a new website and hopefully later this week I’ll switch to!! Will keep you posted. And one more thing……new videos posted on my video page and my youtube channel! If you subscribe on youtube PLEASE go to my channel and subscribe…I would be forever grateful….you can suggest repayment via comments Post your youtube channel and I will subscribe to yours…how ’bout dat. Here’s my channel link:


Bye Bye X Factor, Bye Bye The Voice auditions……

Well, as most of you know I had a little health scare with a large cyst/mass and have been recovering slowly from surgery 3 weeks ago. Me being the stubborn person that I am always tries to do more than I should…I don’t like to moan about pain and always try to keep right on trucking along.

So…I was really hoping I’d be up for The Voice auditions in Atlanta this weekend….but this being my first full week back to work,  going to Atlanta was out of the question, I opted to shoot for The X Factor season 2  audition next week in Austin. Well, I got a reality check when I sang 2 songs last friday night at Button’s with the K2K band. No stamina, huffing and puffing. The audience really loved me and several people asked if I was going to sing anymore songs that night…which really made me feel great…but sadly I was done. 2 had did me in physically. I had a long talk with myself this weekend and decided I am not in shape for auditions right now. Very hard to admit that. I wouldn’t be giving my best audition and don’t know if I could even make it TO audition after standing in line for hours and hours ….and HOURS. Does standing in line for hours count as “strenuous activity”? Because there is “no strenuous activity for 6 weeks after surgery” per my doctor. Crap, I think that would be strenuous.

2 huge opportunities for 2012 passing me by.

So I am forging ahead. Maybe it was meant to be, right?! Timing is everything.

Goal: Get stronger, healthier. Gain stamina.

Goal: Improve vocal range. *side note* Oddly…..through this surgery I discovered a vocal hinderance I had no idea about. Once they got the camera in my abdomen, they discovered an entire blanket of scar tissue that had pushed organs to places they shouldn’t be… pushing on my lungs and diaphragm. So now that the majority of the scar tissue has been removed, I am able to breathe a lot deeper and that should help vocally!

Next goal:  learn an enormous amount of cover songs (like 3 hours worth). I have a couple of bands that want me to gig with them but my reperoitore is very limited from being “out of the game” for 2 years. Now it’s like I’m cramming for a final exam trying to learn new songs, songs from 2 years ago, figuring out the arrangements, keys, etc.

Yet another goal: Record more videos of me singing to amp up this blog and my YouTube channel! This one should be FUN! I plan on some videos with Zetti, doing one with my Mom, one  with my hubby, and some other musician and singer friends I have….collabs are always fun 🙂

One more music goal and I’ll stop for now…..write some new material! This past weekend my producer friend, G-Jack, let me hear some of his amazing tracks and wanted me to do some recording. Well, one thing led to another and the song about “Young Girls” he had written to this track….well, let’s just say I shouldn’t be singing about young girls. So…that prompted me to get out my book o’ lyrics. It’s been probably 5 years or more since I’ve penned a song. I’ve been dead in the water. Uninspired, depressed, not interested. This was really exciting…..we started working on melodies, got a fully written bridge and even laid some scratch vocals and almost have the 2 verses and chorus written! I’ll be excited to share this with you soon!

So raise your imaginary glass with me to Spring and Summer and all the wonderful things STILL ahead for this year! It’s not too late to get some big things done…..Dez.

New Year’s resolutions – stop talking about it and DO it!

So, here we are in 2012, hard to believe?! 2011 came and went faster than ever.

As usual, I make promises to myself at the beginning of the year and like everyone else don’t keep them, forget about them or just talk about them and DO nothing.

One of the things I promised myself for 2012 was that I would make a conscious effort to put myself out there and be available for ANY singing opportunities that presented themselves and work on creating those opportunities as well. That is the reason I created this blog-site. So here I am – exposed – and out there!

If you are any kind of artist-musician, you understand that as a creative person you are subject to so much criticism and competition that sometimes you just shut down from the fear. I think that’s what I did over the last few years…shut down. I started thinking about all the other singers out there better than I am, skinnier than I am, younger than I am and then figured – who wants to see ME? Who wants to hear ME? What do I have to say? offer?

The fact is…there is ALWAYS someone better than you…but in turn…there are probably lots of people out there DOING what you want to be doing that are not as good as you are…they just believed in themselves and decided they didn’t care what everyone else thought, said, what have you and just went for it. I’m at that place in my life.

I saw this little sign on and it really clicked:

So, here’s my first step 2012!

What are some of your goals-resolutions-promises to yourself this year?!!

First blog post

Welcome to my official site!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding information and music to this site. I will also upload some videos of me performing with some other artists that I often work with or maybe just me myself and I.

You can find me in the studio backing other artists in their recordings and on the stage performing my own music.

Check back and stay in touch!


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