I’ve been watching The Voice off and on this season and caught the semi-finals this past Monday to see who was left of the pack. I was excited to see our two plus size beauties are still getting some love!

Erin Willett was beautiful as usual, but sadly I did not enjoy her performance as much as the crowd and judges did. The judges clearly ignored the fact that the entire song was pitchy and out of tune…yes, it was emotional, but it wasn’t pitchy a little here and there….it was all over the place from beginning to end. I bet she went home last night….didn’t catch the elimination show.

Katrina Parker is getting better and stronger vocally….I definitely see so much more confidence. I love her tone but her style is REALLY really close to Adele’s, the way she breaks up her phrasing and consonants….I would be interested to hear something she’s recorded pre-Adele to see if that was always her personal vocal style.

I just love the fact that America is showing them love and proving that if you have a great voice, no one cares about your size. The music industry hasn’t adopted this view as of yet, but hopefully they’ll see the light soon…..and we can add the age factor to that as well.

My favorites this year are that young guy on Cee-Lo’s team….2nd is probably Tony Lucca….and then 3rd that raspy female rock singer. Who are your favorite singers this season and who do you think will win?