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New site launched!

So I am graduating from the WordPress blog to a .com site…..not sure how long this site will still be up and running…but I am officially moved to:

Unfortunately, I can’t transfer my subscriber list and followers so please PLEASE go and subscribe to the new site and drop me a comment and let me know what you think about the look of it. I am still tweaking and making small changes to it but wanted to go ahead and get it up and running.

Have a great weekend everyone!

 – Dez


This is how we doooo it……

It’s Saturday. My brother from another mother (he has the EXACT birthday as my sister) came in town to get a track written with me and discuss some music biz. So excited. It’s been years since we’ve put pen to paper and I had plenty on my mind to write about. He had a track about a 4th finished and we got to work…….man…this track is FUN-KY. Can’t wait for to share it – sadly, it can only be heard through our headphones since we were in writing mode…..we ALWAYS end up arguing….lol. Guess that’s the fun of collaborating, ha.

Here’s another sneak peak of a song almost finished…listen in the background. This is our song “Bad Love” which will be on our Out Roun’ Back album that we are working hard to finish by the end of this year. Hope you like the little snippet….apparently I like to lipsync to myself, ha! Dork.


In other news…..up and coming this week. Singing with The Inspiration Band on the 28th at a private function and got MUUUUCH rehearsing to do for “The Voice” audition next Sunday. Think I’ve narrowed my songs down to Summertime (jazz standard) and/or We Found Love by Rhianna. I’m working on a new website and hopefully later this week I’ll switch to!! Will keep you posted. And one more thing……new videos posted on my video page and my youtube channel! If you subscribe on youtube PLEASE go to my channel and subscribe…I would be forever grateful….you can suggest repayment via comments 🙂 Post your youtube channel and I will subscribe to yours…how ’bout dat. Here’s my channel link:


Home concerts?!

So my brother in law was telling me last week that I should make myself available for home concerts…like, actually book myself to perform in someone’s livingroom. Has anyone ever done this? I’m not talking about a party either, an actual concert at someone’s house. This sounded so bizarre to me, but I started thinking about it and realized when people invite me to dinner…they’re always like…can you sing us something? Or…I’d love to hear you sing this song…blah blah blah. Apparently this is becoming a popular thing….and I think I’m gonna make myself available for it… long as you have air conditioning, no smoking and some drinky drinks for me…hee hee. That’s my rider.  Apparently there’s an entire website devoted to these types of bookings…..

Could someone PLEASE invite me to perform at their home in say, Morocco? Or Spain? Or Playa Del Carmen??

By the way, Saturday’s Juneteenth show was incredible! Here’s 2 pics:

Me with The Inspiration Band , Juneteenth Show 6-16-12

Me with The Inspiration Band , Juneteenth Show 6-16-12

Juneteenth Show next Saturday night!

Just wanted to send a quick update for next week’s show with The Inspiration Band. We will be the headliners for the Juneteenth Festival! If you can make it, it should be a lot of  fun – free show! They are bringing in another singer, Marcus Kidd (incredible),  and another horn player so we are storming the stage as a 9-10 piece!

Saturday, June 16, 2012   5:00-10:00 pm
DeSoto Town Center
211 E. Pleasant Run RoadThe Best Southwest cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville and Lancaster join together to honor the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery. This year’s event will be hosted by the City of DeSoto. There will be food, children’s activities, entertainment and much more.The Inspiration Band will headline the 2012 BSW Juneteenth Celebration.View photos of the 2011 Juneteenth Celebration at the amphitheater in Valley Ridge Park in Cedar Hill.
A concert highlighted the event with local jazz great Freddie Jones followed by the “electrofunk” group from the 80’s Midnight Star.
Visit the BSW Juneteenth Celebration webpage.
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